Why Mediation?

Where people interact, things can go wrong. Sometimes they are sorted out but in many cases those same "things" can escalate, even to the point of moving to formal proceedings and going to court.   

The costs and stress of an escalating dispute can be huge, and what is often forgotten is the negative impact on business and personal relationships if and when the dispute is "over".

Mediation is an alternative way to solve disputes than can minimise costs, stress and the risk to relationships.  Increasingly favoured by the courts, mediation can resolve disputes in over 80% of cases.

Advantages of mediation are listed below:-

Cost -mediation is significantly cheaper than going to court or other processes.

Speed - mediation can be arranged quickly and most settle in a day
Flexible - you make your own decisions which could not be granted by a court
Enforcement -statistics show that people are far more likely to stick to agreements which they have reached themselves, compared to those decisions that have been imposed upon them.
Confidential - mediation sessions are conducted in private and are completely confidential


"I want my day in court" or "I want to tell them what I really think of them" can sometimes be a reason why people want to, well, go to court!
We're not robots, and emotions can run high in a dispute.
A mediation process does enable you to make your point direct to the other party and express your feelings  - but at the same time gets behind the headline positions to find out the interests and issues underpinning the dispute. The result is an agreement that is more likely to be based on what matters to you.