About me.

When you choose a mediator, you need to be confident that they will help you, and the other party, settle your dispute.

Below I set out more information about me to help you arrive at your decision. 


About me....

  1. I am qualified  as a mediator - I am a Registered CMC Mediator. I have been trained and assessed to CMC (Civil Mediation Council) standards, including experience working as a mediator and time spent on CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  2. I have academic/research qualifications in how organisations and people work – I have a post-graduate degree in organisation development (and a first degree in politics).
  3. I have mediation experience - since May 2023 when I was trained as a mediator, I have been involved  in disputes over property, professional negligence, construction contracts and housing disrepair. I am a volunteer mediator with independent community mediation organisations.
  4. I have experience of working with businesses and people across a wide range of sectors and situations:
  • I was a licensed Business Coach with ActionCOACH, a global business coaching company, for 10 years up to December 2022.
  • I set up and ran two businesses involved in skills development,
  • I have worked for the Trade Association for the coatings sector in the UK.
  • I have worked as a warehouse manager for United Biscuits in a 4 shift unionised and multi-cultural operation.

Why have I got involved in mediation?

I found myself engaged in ad-hoc mediation as a business coach and in running companies (and as a warehouse manager!).  I felt that now is a good time to move into mediation to make use of the experience and skills I have accumulated. I also wanted to make sure I got professional training and assessment in something I have been doing on an ad-hoc basis for many years.  

As a business coach, I recognised the power and effectiveness of getting people to arrive at their own solutions and make appropriate decisions rather than have things imposed. Mediation is a fantastic way of doing this; it is a process where I enable the “parties” to a dispute to arrive at a settlement which they themselves devise.

And, I am a massive believer in moving forwards and drawing a line on the past – that is what mediation is all about

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